The Perfect Guy…but not so perfect Product Placement

This weekend, I had the rare free moment (or shall I say stolen moment) to do a matinee with some friends. We were eager to see the movie, “The Perfect Guy”, which features a couple of our favorite leading men.

I’ve always been fairly observant of things such as product placement in the seemingly off topic and innocuous fillers prior to the movie. Of course, there are the obvious commercials as well. Still, every now and then a product placement within the actual film is too obvious to ignore.
As I feel I have become a much better media critic, I found myself noticing the not so obvious placements, and wow- there were a lot! So without further ado, here is the list of things I noticed. I will rate them as Obvious, Extremely Obvious and Almost Seamless. The goal for any good advertiser is Almost Seamless placement. This means that the product is seen and remembered but doesn’t at all feel like an ad. That’s not easy to accomplish, but hey- that’s the job, right?
  1. The movie opens over a skyline of some imaginary city- I’m guessing Los Angeles, and what do we see? A CBRE building (Also a former client of mine, so hard to miss). KPMG’s building is also featured but less prominently. I’d say if it weren’t for the fact that I have worked with both brands in a professional capacity, I would never have noticed. Almost Seamless
  2. The main female character, Leah, drives a Cadillac XTS Sedan that is featured VERY prominently throughout the movie. They flash that Cadillac grill every chance they can get. Which makes this product placement Extremely Obvious.
  3. The character starts to receive stalking phone calls from her ex. We constantly see a close up of her phone. It is a Sony Experia Z3. I’m going to say this one is Almost Seamless, but it may be because I had to look up the type of phone it was.
  4. At a bar, Leah orders a martini. She name checks and asks for a “Belvedere Martini”. I’d say that was pretty good marketing. Unless you are a heavy vodka drinker like me (I’m not going to NOT notice a reference to a vodka Brand), you would only vaguely realize they used a specific brand. But knowledge of vodka probably covers 85% of adults in New York city, making this one fairly Obvious.
  5. The Crazy Character drives an amazing, beautiful, gorgeous 1968 Dodge Charger Muscle Car. If you have ever seen the Stephen King movie “Sometimes They Come Back”, the villain drives a 1955 Chevrolet One-Fifty. The car was like it’s own character- a key feature and extention of the villain’s character. The “Perfect Guy” emulates this model by making the Charger an accomplice in the thrilling antics of Leah’s crazy ex. As a consumer (and car junkie, clearly), I had to look online to see what one would cost. Well done Dodge. Getting me to think about your muscle cars (no matter how old) is half the battle. Maybe I’ll reconsider thinking that the new Chargers are for drug dealers and twenty year old boys. This one was Almost Seamless.
  6. The crazy guy also has a Sony Laptop. As a matter of fact, all of the laptops in the movie are Sony. Not sure if most people pay attention to the laptops on programs they watch but the tech geek in me does. I’m guessing it was a Vaio (in laptops, does Sony make anything else?). Keep in mind, this is a Sony Picture. I’m sure every ounce of technology in that film was Sony. Making it even more Extremely Obvious product placement.
I can imagine there were TONS more, but those were the ones I caught. It’s a bit weird how media classes taint your movie going experience. Good work professor! *side eye*

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