Smoke and Mirrors

The readings we have had about the power of social media in public relations and how PR professionals manipulate our perceptions about products, brands and people utilizing Facebook and Twitter have been very interesting. One thing I’ve learned about Social Media from a personal standpoint is that many people are perpetrating faux “insta-Lives” people.

There’s a young woman in the projects swatting roaches that has 30k followers because of the right filters and selfie backgrounds on Instagram.  A man that lives with his mother can pose next to a stranger’s Bentley and get a lot of attention/followers.

I actually know a guy that is unemployed, owes probably about $10,000 in back child support (so he can’t drive in NY without getting arrested) is couch surfing at his mother’s house AND has a felony…but is on Instagram posing with bottles of $300 bottles of Champagne and Alicia Keys. He actually spoke to me about the importance of his “Brand” and his followers.  I couldn’t even fully articulate a negative response- he has a decent following on social media (about 1,000 followers). It just goes to show you, if you dress it up enough, people will follow ANYTHING.

This really made me think. : If the average joe in the Acorn Projects can change your perception and make you a believer, imagine what these huge corporations are able to do with our minds. Food for thought. It’s actually pretty scary.


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